Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey Peeps!

I'm hoping that with my peppy tone I can mask the fact that my sweet freedom is OVER baby. I went into school today, much to the teasing of my coworkers. You see, back in the day, I would have gone into school WEEKS before the first day to prepare. What? I don't remember. I'm getting old here, so cut me a break.

Of recent years, when people ask me the date of the first day of school, I honestly reply "I have no idea. I guess they'll call me if I don't show up on time." Now before you get all judgemental, thinking I'm "one of those" teachers who only teaches for her summers off, STEP OFF. Not true. Love my job. And I can now effectively do it within the confines of the school year, thank you very much. But since I'm teaming this year, I'm afraid my two work days will be consumed by meetings, so I decided to get a head start. GO ME. And to be honest with you? I'm getting kind of excited about getting to know my new students.

So I spent the day with Em while Jenna was in daycare for the day. We went and got her a new phone, went and got beads (and I spent WAY TOO MUCH moola there), and went out for lunch. It was nice. Tomorrow we're going shopping with my mom. No scrapping for this gal. But I am done with my projects, they've been accepted, and I'm sending them out tomorrow. The relief. I can't tell you. Shaky mojo still. Better, but still shaky.

Coolest news? Our local newspaper is having a photography contest dealing with our local county fair. Well of course when we took Jenna the other night I hefted my SLR, and took a few photos. On a whim I entered one, and I WON FIRST PLACE TODAY! See it here! I'm so excited. Yep, a geek too. So I get some gift cards, it's already framed and up at the fair, and I get a chance to win the whole contest. Go me!

Also, made a very cool bracelet/earrings set, and necklace/earrings set. I'll take photos and post them. Just call me crafty!

Have a great Wednesday. And Thursday too, since I probably won't blog until the evening.

I'm out . . .


Jami said...

Congrats Kay!!! I know you are a awesome teacher from hearing it from Hayleys friends. As for your shaky LO's you rock girl, there is no doubt about it. Have fun shopping today and gets of cool stuff.

Tonia said...

WOWZA! What a COOL stinking photo! Way to go!