Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hey Mo?

Where are you, friend? It seems as if I have temporarily misplaced my mojo. Pisses me off every time. I need to finish up the kit for Scrap Muse, and just got a pretty big assignment that I can't reveal AGAIN, and no 'Mo. Sweet. What great timing. It's the end of summer blahs. Where I look at the summer and think I could have done more. I should have done more. Regrets, and grieving that my non "Mrs. Rogers" persona needs to go bye-bye. Stupid, but true. You'd think that once I knew my pattern, I could break it. But heck no. Not this girl. She likes to stay mired in her stupid ways (and refers to herself in the third person. Who knew?)

New to me . . . I'm lusting over a new laptop. I was never the laptop sort, but after using Em's all summer and sending it in for repairs for a week, I'm lost. LOST, I tell you. So I'm pooling my recent checks from scrapbooking-related endeavors, and soon it will be mine.

What else is new? No layouts to report, and any work I've done lately can't be shared. HATE that. Praise ho? I guess so. Another sad quality of mine. My short-list is growing longer by the minute.

So before I reveal another character flaw, it's off to the grocery store. Will the fun never end?

Picture is Miss J being Miss J, messy hair and all.

Have a great Sunday!


Toni said...

If I see your mojo I will let you know...I hate when I lose mine.

Tonia said...

Miss J is just wayyyy too cute/beautiful! :)

RACHEL =) said...

I know what you mean about the mojo... mine has gone missing as well, drats!!! Love the picture, she is just too cute!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

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