Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A sarcastic shout . . .

out to my gal Elaine. You see I saw her at school today in the office, and she says, "Rogers, I got on my computer last night just to hear something funny about the first day of school." As I told her, I'm finding it a tad bit difficult to be funny about such a tragedy. Nothing funny here folks, move along.

So yes, school is IN SESSION. Kids come tomorrow. Classes are overloaded. Not enough desks, calculators, anything. Michigan is in the midst of a pretty serious crisis, and we are feeling the effects. It always takes me a while to clear the cobwebs from the old "summer" brain, and get back into the game. It's such a different kind of thinking, and it's pretty exhausting at first. But I've already visited some of my former students, and it's fun to catch up with them. And that's what it's all about.

I gave up my DT at ScrapMuse. I have decided that keeping up with message boards is just too much with everything else. I will focus on the DT's that I have, and will possibly scale back again. I believe two of them have "term limits" and I'm nearing the end. If I'm going to grow as a designer, I need time to learn and grow. And when every layout is prescribed it's just too hard. But I'm sad, because I love the people at SM. The good thing is everyone has been very supportive, and that helps. I'll always be part of the Muse. You couldn't keep me away if you tried! (Well a restraining order may slow me down, not gonna lie.)

We have put Jenna on a "nighttime schedule." Got the idea from "The Nanny." And we all know from watching that show that the nanny helps the parents, not the kids. So I guess you could say "I" have been put on a schedule. So far, so good. I was so bad about any kind of routine during the summer . . . I mean isn't summer for NO ROUTINE? Isn't that the idea? So it's time. And Jen is just kicking butt at it. And so am I, thank you very much.

Some random friend/loved one encounters from the last two days: Got some beautiful flowers from my newly-retired sister for the first day of school. What a beautiful surprise from a beautiful person (love you, Beth!). Also my newly-retired coworker Mark from my middle school days stopped in to see me today. Earlier his wife stopped by. I got a nice email from Sarah yesterday wishing me well on my first day of school, then Tonia emailed me today to check in. I also met some fabulous people at the weekend crop, and we have been emailing back and forth making plans to get together. Got to talk on the phone last night with Leslie from Scrap Muse, love that girl! Got an email from my Maddy-friend whom I miss TERRIBLY! Then I went out to dinner with Gayle and Sue from my old school, and we made plans to see each other. Plus catching up with everyone at work, staff members and my kids . . . sometimes I feel so blessed to have such wondeful people in my life!

Off we go this afternoon/evening to move Em into her dorm room. There were piles of boxes, and random bags throughout the entire house. It will be interesting to see it empty after the carnage. Of course she "forgot" that everything was supposed to be in the garage to make it into Bill's truck, and, well, it doesn't all fit in her car. So Iget to go home and load up my van to take to meet up with Bill before we get on the road. The joy of parenthood.

So if, like Elaine, you need a laugh today, please check out "ThreadBared" which is linked on the left side of my blog. Another friend, Shaunte, pointed it out. I think it is HILARIOUS!

Have a great Tuesday!


Deb said...

Leaving the DT? Wowzers. I can totally understand being tapped out though. OK - it is now officially "all your fault". I have been on Thread Bared for awhile laughing so hard I am crying. I now have yet another distraction from the real world.

Elaine said...

Just what I needed the night before "the big day"!! Thank you so much for the, as deb said, distraction from the real world - love that and now it's mine - going to use it like my own. I am sitting here and it is really hitting me for the first time that we are not teaching together tomorrow.........WOW THAT SUPER SUCKS..........only thing I can say about that.

Have a feeling of something missing right now.

About the Thread Bared thing sounded like every girlfriend I ever had in high school. Glad those days are behind me!

I am totally missing you Rogers and even though I work two corners away I may not see you - so this is what I get. To fill my Rogers void and NEED for sarcasm I get you blog - who would have ever thought?

Have a great night and a super day at school tomorrow and hopefully we won't be strangers. Also thank you again for distracting me from my real world - it really is a scary place.

One thing that should make you laugh - real quick....So you know how Jai and I always end up in the middle of good gossip and what not, well here is the latest. Jai and I are getting divorced. Yep that is why our house is up for sale and Jai is not coaching football. So far away from the truth I almost can't even laugh. Where does this stuff start? Wonder what they will say when they find out I'm prego - oh I know.......that it is someone else's........at least I beat them to that one!

Have a great night Ms. Kay


RACHEL =) said...

Best of luck to you with the new school season - seems that this summer has flown by soooooo so fast, it's incredible!!!
Would love to know about the night-time routine, Alexa has just recently started not sleeping well. Don't know what is going on!