Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello from boresville . . .

Hi there! It's me! With nothing to say. Again. Love this layout . . . different mix of colors for me, not "matchy matchy." I'm guilty of that ALL THE TIME. So this was fun.

Worked on projects that should take 45 minutes for each one . . . took me an hour and a half for each one. Only got two done while Jen was at preschool. Not a happy camper on that one, I tell ya!

So had a houseful of people over last night for Emily's "Lia Sofia" jewelry party. She got a lot of perks . . . I got a headache. No, I had fun. Great jewelry, but I admit as I was looking at it I kept thinking to myself "I could SO make that." I know, I'm a geek.

It's family reunion weekend, so I will be scarce. Plus I'm cropping tonight. Wish me luck!


Tonia said...

Beautiful page Kay! Just saw your post-yes I am ok. Just struggling with a few issues and needing an unbiased person to talk to that is not going to judge-think I need to find a counselor. I am a talker and just need to get it out! LOL! Thanks for caring!

Anonymous said...

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