Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back into a routine

and that's a good thing! School starts tomorrow. Here we go, folks! Back to the grindstone.

Blogger issues on my computer for some weird reason. Every time I go to post a picture onto my blog using Safari, it unexpectedly quits. So I went into Explorer to post that way, and the icon to post a photo is nowhere to be found. Good times. Tried emptying cache and reseting Safari, no go. So for now, I am without photo posting capabilities. Add the fact that Em will be taking this nifty laptop I am using back to college. The laptop I am using to watch YET ANOTHER episode of Gilmore Girls, out on my sunporch with the windows open and a very nice fall-like breeze wafting in, surfing the net and checking my email. It's the life of Riley, I tell you! But sadly it is going bye bye on Tuesday. I really need my own laptop. Who knew?

Let's see what's new. Went to The Scrapbook Zone with Jami for an all day crop on Saturday all day.It was a meeting of the Michigan Peas, and it was a fun day! It turned out to be a small group, but I got seven layouts done. I mes some sweet Peas, that I hope I will meet again! Plus we hit the mall and did some power shopping, then ended the day with a trip to IKEA. A good ending to a good summer.

Today the family headed off to Frankenmuth. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to wander around and have some lunch. We went to the mall area (to the bead store, of course) and as I was checking out I was listening to the music. There is a courtyard area where people can sit and listen to live performers. The person waiting on me said, "Oh look, there are some cute little girls dancing on stage!" As I turned around, who do I see? Miss Jenna up on stage, doing a little freestyle dancin'. It was so cute! And the performer kept her and two other little girls on stage for the next 5 songs. I had tears in my eyes, not because the girl can't dance, and trust me, she can't, but that she was having so much fun. It was so sweet! Then the performer came off stage and did a little dance around the courtyard with the girls dancing behind her. There was a family sitting with a young girl, probably about 10 years old, and when the girls got to her, the dad pointed at the little girl to sing with her. She handed over the microphone to the girl, and this 10-year old belted out "Redneck Woman" like you wouldn't believe. The performer took her (and the backup dancer Miss J) back on stage, and had her pick out another song, She sang it beautifully, to the cheers and whistles from the crowd. More tears. It was really cool!

OK, off to make some phone calls, and maybe make a necklace. Perhaps if I sold some of these pieces I could afford the laptop. Hmmm. . .

Have a great Sunday evening!

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Jamijo said...

Kay I am so happy that you got to enjoy another beautiful day before heading off to school. The Jenna story is adorable. Did you have your camera. I also want to let you know that I have not been able to post a photo to my blog today either. I think they are having a problem with it. That is my story and I am sticking with it. Now go make a necklace with your new beads (I know you bought more, you just can't leave the store without enough to make a couple new ones) and enjoy the rest of your day.