Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fighting with myself . . .

on this back to school thing. You see, the one bad thing about being a teacher is how tired you are at the end of the day, just from simply interacting with people all day long. It's the weirdest thing . . . I remember Bill asking me how I can be so tired "just from talking all day." And yes, it did make me want to take out a gun and shoot him. But now that he supervises so many people at work, he gets it. It's a mental exhaustion. And it sucks.

So last night Bill wanted to go to a football game and take Jenna. What a fun thing for a family to do, especially while the weather was decent. But I didn't feel like going. My stomach was a little funny, and I was just so tired! So I stayed home and felt guilty that I didn't go. I can just hear Dr. Phil saying, "And how is that working out for you, Kay?" Well, not so much. I have students who would like me to go to their games, and it means a lot to me, but it's so hard to muster up the energy.

And the worst thing is being away from Jenna all day, and being so tired when I get home. I mean, I only have a few hours with her in the evenings, and she deserves my time and energy. I guess I need to make some changes. I am in control of this, after all. But any suggestions are welcome!

I took the picture on Wednesday night. Jen and I had a picnic outside, and we played. She is just the happiest girl I know.


Tonia said...

I don't know how full time working moms do it Kay-I feel for you! At least Bill is starting to get it!

Jami said...

I so feel your pain, I was dead tired when I got home this week. Ugh. Next week will be better, I can just feel it. I just couldn't get my butt off the chair once I would sit down after I got home. Good thing they deliver pizza. HAHA!!!