Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's done.

My KI entry is done. And going postal in the a.m. I really struggle with deadlines like this . . .I have talked myself out of finishing this a million times. Because I know I'm not getting the coveted spot. And truthfully, that's OK. I'm not going to like KI any less. I like my album. It's me. And it's something that I will love . . . no matter. I give myself kudos for finishing. knowing that my chances are nil. But I am NOT going to be one of those people who wonders why their work didn't get "first" and ripping on the winners. Not me. No way.

And a special thanks to Amy, Maddy, and Tonia for walking me through my insecurities. I love you all!

So besides FRANTICALLY trying to finish my entry (which I gave myself until Friday to do) here was my day.

Bill went to the Buick Open and saw Tiger Woods in person. He was GEEKED, to say the least. He goes back on Friday. He is excited!

We had another hot day. I mean miserable. No kidding. But tonight the rain came, which means I may be able to take my long walk tomorrow. Serious cabin fever going on right now. Serious.

We played games as a family tonight, just like winter. You just couldn't go outside . . . so we played "go fish," "Shanghai Rum," and "Euchre." It was fun. And watched the rain and the thunderstorms roll in. A good family day, to say the least.

Beth and Dave went back on the road. I miss my big sister and my best friend. And Beth, if you are reading this, know that I love you. That's all.

Signing out . . .


Tonia said...

Those thunderstorms of yours are due here very shortly! I think the kids will be getting up-UGH! Just sent you an email-didn't know that entry was going in the mail tomorrow! What did you decide about the size? So glad you pulled it off! You should be very happy! It is gorgeous!!!!

Jami said...

Kay I am proud of you for finishing it and you do have a chance. I know this is a beautiful album because you do beautiful LO's. Now get to the PO and get it in the mail. As Tonia mentioned you should be very happy.

Daniel said...

While I have no idea who or what KI is, Kay, I'm glad you followed through, but....[there's always a but with me LOL]

As designers, everytime we produce a design for submission belief in our ability is as important as our other skills. Without that belief--not conceit; not smugness--we doom ourselves before we ever have a chance to succeed. Modesty may be a virtue, but self confidence is not a 'sin'!