Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

And to celebrate, here is a layout of our girls. Speaking of celebrating, I got 4 layouts done already this weekend. It has been so long, and I was seriously worried that I had forgotten how to scrap. Not that any of them are masterpieces, but it's a start! Three are being held back for a surprise in July, and here is one just for me.

We got bill new slippers from Cabela's and a new Garmin GPS for his truck. We'll take it with us on our trip to Columbus and see how it works. He's pretty happy with his gifts. He deserves them, he's a great dad. He and Jenna are outside cleaning the quad.

We're off to my parents for a Father's Day lunch, speaking of excellent fathers. My dad is the best. And while he is stuggling with Parkinson's, he manages to keep a positive attitude. He has had a bad week or so, and we're hoping to get some answers/help from the doctor tomorrow. We chipped in to get him a new lift chair. It's a tall, and I think he'll be able to manage in it better.

Have a great day, and hug a father. They deserve it!


Kimberly said...

It sounds like a perfect time on Father's Day. LOVE this AWESOME creation too! xoxo

alecia*grimm said...

Cute layout! Good choice on the Garmin. I have one and seriously love it!!