Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another summer day . . .

Have I mentioned I'm a fan? Yes? Well, let me do that again. I LOVE IT! Waking up late, naps in the afternoon, watching TV late into the evening . . . simple things really, but I can't do those simple things when school is in session. I don't have the time nor the energy. I love my job, but the reality is it takes a lot out of me.

Let's see. Thursday was Jen's last day of swimming. Her main teacher is an old friend of Em's, and Jenna absolutely loved her! She is a water baby, just like her big sister.

On Friday I took Jenna to story time at Dow Gardens. They do such a nice job, and after the story the kids get to work in the garden, watering the plants or weeding. They also had a scavenger hunt through the kids area, and Jen had a blast. She got mad at me when it was time to go, and off she ran. And ran. And ran. Until I couldn't see her anymore. Yep, the little scoundrel made a run for it. And while I can laugh about it now, I was in a complete and utter PANIC. What if she took off and hid somewhere in the gardens themselves? What if she fell in the water? These are the thoughts that were racing through my head as I made the long walk back to the main gates. And there she was, getting a drink, as if nothing had happened. My blood was BOILING. She got sent to her room for a good while, that's for sure.

Last night went to a crop and got four layouts done with the July kit from A Million Memories. I was surprisingly productive, probably because the kit was so gorgeous! Made a mini book while Jenna was napping today, and need to scan and send it.

Tonight we went for a bike ride out to the nature center again. Jen fell off the tandem bike on our excursion to see deer and turkey. Bill made a sharp turn, and down she went. She fussed for a while, but got back on the bike. We found these blackberries and had a little snack. The cows weren't out, and Jen was bummed, because she spent time collecting apples in her shirt. We also walked down by the water and looked for clam shells.

OK, Jen is fighting for the computer. Her aunt bought her a Webkinz, and she is addicted.

Have a great Saturday. I'm off for a glass of wine and to read my book. It's The Pact by Jodi Picoult. Sad. Anyone read it? If so, you know what I mean.

Peace out!

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Amy Coose said...

Hey girlie!!! Just wanted to say CONGRATS on being the guest designer at scrapsupply. Are you going out for their DT??? You would be a great addition to that team! Love all the summer stuff!!