Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Blog Mystery

I have two sites that are linking to my blog, both French. I know this because I have a tracker on it. Even though I took three years of French, I can't get into the sites that are linking to me. Any french-speaking bloggers want to tell me what's going on?

The two sites are: creablabla and creations scrapbooking. TIA!


Jami said...

I sent you a email. I don't know it will help you or not. Hayley isn't home or I would have her read it.

Chrissie said...

Both of those sites are French scrapbooking forums (like 2Peas or whatever). Creablabla is a French way of saying Creative Blah Blah (you see?).

There's a big scrapbooking scene in France (I'm in the UK).

Any questions about any translations, please yell (I speak fluent French...served a mission for the LDS church out there :-D )