Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Final Countdown

It has been CRAZY BUSY these last few weeks. And while I feel a touch overwhelmed, it's making the time fly by! Last weekend included soccer practice, a soccer game, a graduation party, plus a steak fry dinner with one of Bill's shooting clubs. Crazy busy.

So here is a rare picture of moi. Bill grabbed the camera and snapped Miss J and I. Try not to focus too much on the wrinkles around the eyes. Dang, I look like her grandma! Ah well. Such is life.

Tomorrow the photography group meets for the first time. It's a group of us with SLR's and no idea what we're doing. We're going to use the book "Understanding Exposure" as our guide. I'm looking forward to it.

As far as the end of the year, it's a smooth one. I have such amazing students, and I will miss them. Only one more hour and it's all over. Makes me a touch sad. I was always the girl who cried at the end of the year when school was out, and to be honest I still feel the same way now. I hate goodbyes. Despise them, really. But I'm ready to spend some time with my girls this summer, so it's all good!


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