Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thoughts on Antiques

So over the weekend we went to Bay City to the antique warehouse looking for fishing poles. Long story. Anyhoo, whenever I am around antiques I feel a strange sense of sorrow. Maybe it's the smell . . . it smells just like my grandparents' homes in Wisconsin. Maybe it's the sense of history. Who did these possessions belong to? What is their story? What gets me the most is the old pictures. That just cuts me to the quick. Wasn't there anyone who cared enough to keep them? Or was it that the story of the people in the pictures was somehow lost in time. Like someone inherited the pics and didn't really know who was in them. Makes me sad, I tell you. When we walked into the store Jenna said, "Mom, there are things in here from generations of people!" True that, my girl. True that.


Elaine said...

Holy Cow Kay - I always knew that we had somethings in common but I never have known anyone in my life that was able to put into words exactly how I feel about antiques - - - - especially the picture statements. Scary a little, I agree with every thought you said down to the smell (except my grandma lived in Monroe!). Whoa for a moment there I felt closer to you than ever before :) Just so you know I liked it - in a none weird way :) :)

By the way I loved the photos - added a great touch with the journaling. Can't wait to get back scrapping.

Dena said...

Tell me you bought that strawberry sugar bowl, cause that is sooo darn cute!
What a great post to read :)