Friday, April 04, 2008

The story of the teeth

So here's the deal. Last summer year when Jenna went to the dentist they discovered that her bottom two permanent teeth were coming in BEHIND the baby teeth. I remember the moment well. Jenna was laying in the dentist's chair, and they had me come over to look inside her mouth. Being the graceful sort, when I leaned over and saw them, it shocked me so much I stood up quickly, thus slamming my head on the dentist's light. Good times. After being called "shark-girl" with two rows of teeth (kidding . . . sort of), she lost the front two, and her tongue pushed the permanent teeth in place. COOL.

Well, guess what. The same thing has happened to the top two. Went for her cleaning yesterday and guess what is pushing her top two front teeth? Her new teeth are right behind them. It has been SO WEIRD to see the transformation of said teeth. They started moving together (Jenna has always had big spaces between her top teeth), then they started moving out. A la bunny rabbit. The weirdest thing is they're not very loose, because the permanent teeth are wedging them in that space tightly. I was sort of sad when I thought of her losing the top front teeth. Not so sad any more. LOL! No matters, the girl is still beautiful!

Well, the fabulous Dena Coe tagged me with a "You make my day" award. So here are the blogs I look at on a consistent basis that "Make my day."

First is the amazing Shaunte. That girl can make me laugh like no other. She has been posting about her recent mission trip, and come to find out she can make me cry as well. She's beyond talented, and one of the nicest people I know.

Next is the one and only Torm. Torm has the most amazing way with words. And while journaling is her specialty, her photography skills ROCK. I'd love to have an ounce of her talent.

I have always loved Vicki Chrisman. Her work is inspiring, and so is her outlook on life.

Lisa also makes my day. She has such amazing photography skills, and such a positive outlook on life. I smile each and every time I read her blog, and I'm in awe of her mad skills.

This blog is a constant source of information and inspiration. Jessica Sprague is a GENIUS. No two ways about it.

In other random news, spring break is coming to a close. Sad. It's my last official day off. But it gave me a taste for the summer, and I'm ready, baby!

Here's what I accomplished over break.
~a trip to Ikea for shelves and drawers. Assembled, and reorganized scrap space.
~a trip ('cause I'm an idiot) to see Emily.
~a crop at MHS, where I (mostly) completed 5 pages.
~a trip to the Center for the Arts to see the "Grossology" exhibit
~another trip to the butterfly house
~organized my closet, burning . . . er, putting away the winter clothes.
~redid Jenna's room, moving furniture, cleaning closet, purging old stuff.
~took some pictures, some that I even like!
~signed up for a photography class.
~took Jenna to a pool at the local community college, and she had a blast!

All in all, I got some things accomplished. Still, would have given anything to be in Disney. Next year, baby.

Peace out!


Shere said...

Love your blog! Your layouts are so bright, colorful and NEAT. I love them. TFS

Vicki C said...

Thanks Kay! Your layouts and photography have ALWAYS inspired me!