Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Ramblings . . .

Taking a photo class. It's on shooting a series. Meets every other week, and I love the concept. It's got me out shooting again. YEAH!

Had family birthdays over the weekend. Dad, my BIL, and my sister. It was fun having the family together. Missed Billy.

Funny moment of the day, Jenna was spelling words, names specifically. We asked her to spell Emily. She wrote M - O - L - E. Sound it out. She just may be a genius!

She lost one of her front teeth last night. Don't you just love the result? By the way, her face is wet because we were blowing bubbles and a big one popped in her face. It is not DROOL, Em. LOL!

Parent-teacher conferences last night and again all day. BUSY.

Dance and soccer every week. Can you spell busy?

FINALLY some warm weather. Got up into the 70's. Makes me weep with joy.

Jenna is sick again. Allergies are a bummer. Back to the Dr. but thankfully at this point her ears are good. Wish us luck.


Jami said...

It sure looks like drool to me. Just kidding. But it does run in the family. I bet she can't wait to lose the other one and I bet you can't either.

Dena said...

Woo hooo on losing a chomper!
Such a cute cute pic Kay!