Saturday, April 19, 2008

A tale of the teeth, part III

Here's the latest. Both top teeth gone. THANKFULLY. The one hanging, dead tooth in a gap of epic proportions was not a good look for Miss J. The funniest part is her permanent teeth are already coming in. She has to work hard not to, but there is no lisp. You can see her struggle to avoid it, and it is so cute! Maybe the whole shark teeth thing wasn't so bad after all.

Soccer game today. It was her first one this season, and the poor thing coughed and snotted her way through. Bill and I talked about the fact that she will most likely not be able to play an outdoor sport due to her allergies. Poor baby. They are so bad in the fall and spring. And unless we decide to go the way of allergy shots, she's just too miserable. She doesn't look too miserable in this picture though. She sure has grown to love this game!

We went to a Rugby game last night. A few of my students asked me to come watch, and I didn't know anything about the game. WOW. Let me just say I was unprepared for the rough nature of the game. And yet, I was impressed with the strength and tenacity my girls showed. I took some pictures, and I'll share them if I get the OK from my students. Bill was impressed, and Jenna was excited to meet my students. I had them in middle school, and now again in high school (they're juniors), and it was an honor to be asked to attend. You learn something new every day!

Off to dinner tonight with the neighbors. Jenna and my niece played with my sister and had a blast. I think Jen was sad to see us come home.

Emily hurt her foot at school this week, and is in a boot. Bad sprain I guess. Plus her allergies are giving her grief. Sorry my girl!

OK, off to edit more pics for my photography class. Peace!

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