Friday, April 11, 2008

A quick BasicGrey layout to share

I could not WAIT to play with the new Basic Grey. I am utterly, totally in love. Here's a quick layout about my girl. Sorry it scanned crooked . . . don't know why that always happens to me! Just this week we have been joking at Scrap Supply about hoarding scrap supplies. And there are a few lines that I am obsessive about. BasicGrey being one of them. These lines have to have their own shelves and separate drawers, they are THAT important to me. (Can you spell obsessive?) Hey, I own it. Steph and I have a little contest going on who has the most BG. We're both going to snap a photo (aka admit our problem) and compare the illnesses. Now if I only had more time to play!


Jill said...

what a great way to 'frame' a photo!! I love it!!

Dena said...

Oh Kay this layout is fantastic. I think BG loves you as much as you love it :)