Friday, March 02, 2007

What? Another snow day?

It just seems too good to be true. Yesterday I was hoping for a day off. We got storm warnings all day Wednesday, and I had high hopes the bad weather would create a cancellation. But alas, when I woke up yesterday a.m. there was nothing. No sign of a storm. It all hit when we were at school, causing us to leave school 25 minutes early. But after a day of snow, wind, sleet, rain, (including thunderstorms), the roads were so bad they called it today. And being my usual mature self I was jumping up and down with joy!

So I've been working on laundry, organizing for a crop I am attending tomorrow, and even cranked out a few layouts. That's because both Jenna and Em are sick. I mean really sick. We are seriously running low on Kleenex between the two of them. As you can see from the picture, Jen is just not herself. And I think Em would do great physical harm to me if I posted what she looks like right now.

The best news of all is that Bill GUARANTEED ME he was bringing me home a white mocha. Which just makes me so happy I could cry. Simple pleasures.

I'm still waiting on my new Mac. I can't wait until I get it! This computer freezes about every 10 minutes which is BEYOND frustrating. I was hoping to get it today, and have been relentlessly tracking the shipment online. So far, no go. I'll take a picture of her when I get it. I'm THAT excited. And have you seen THIS? I must have it. No joke.

Enjoy your Friday!


RACHEL =) said...

Kay, your girls are SO beautiful!!!!
YAY for another snow day, that's awesome!!
And the layout you just posted is gorgeous, wow -- I LOVE IT!!!
Have a happy weekend :)

Nancy said...

Yay yay! Another snowday!! The picture of your little girl is so beautiful! And you know I just can't get enough of your beautiful layouts!!!! You are such a HUGE inspiration!!! Have a great Sunday! XOXO