Friday, March 09, 2007

A Sad Week, Indeed.

There was a shooting at a neighboring school this week. Our town has two Class A high schools, and it happened at the one across town. Very high socioeconomic status. Not high risk in the least, and still it happened. A young man shot his girlfriend, then himself. It was such a shocking announcement at school. Before all of the details were known, the only info we had was that a girl was shot. And all I could think of was, what if Emily was a student there? How worried would I be? It turns out that the girl will recover, thank God. I think the thing that is sticking with me this long is how quickly the incident has been forgotten. And that's sad for me. It didn't seem to phase the students at all. And that will keep me up at night for a very long time.

Then parent-teacher conferences last night. Plus we visited the kindergarten classroom where Jen will go to school next year. She had fun, and knew quite a few of the kids from preschool/summer school and the neighborhood. And her teacher seems AMAZING. The perfect kindergarten teacher. What a relief.

In the scrapping world, I got a request for 5 layouts for an upcoming idea book from Memory Makers. It has been a long time since I have submitted anything for pub, so I'm glad I took the time. And I really like some of my pages I got done last weekend at the all-day crop. I hope to do a little shopping tomorrow for some new goodies. That ought to help the mojo.

I hope you have a great Friday night. I plan on hitting the hay by 9:00 p.m. I'm emotionally drained.

Peace out.


Alexis said...

Huge hugs to you. That is such a scary and sad occurence in our world. It just makes me want to hug my daughter closer and longer each day. On a lighter note, congrats on the layouts being picked up!

Maggie said...

I luv luv your blog header

kim said...

That is so sad. Things can happen anywhere, and that just plain scares me to be a mom.
Congrats on the pub's!!!!!

Jill Marie Paulson said...

That is sad...and scary.

Congrats on your pubs!! Not surprised they called yours in. I submitted a bunch for this call, too. I haven't heard anything yet, so a little bummed now, but it does say that they would let everyone know by 3-16, so maybe there is still hope.