Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Pub news . . .

after a long, dry spell, I just got a request for 4 more layouts for the upcoming Memory Makers 601 layouts. That makes NINE. Which just about knocks out my "Book of 10" layouts that haven't been seen. Which means I have more work to do! I do hate holding back layouts though. Drives me nuts. Sharing is the fun part for me. But I have to say nine requests feels pretty darn good, especially after my mojo-less spell. Busy week. Deadlines, and no time. Hopefully I'll get something done this weekend, when I can finally catch my breath. Off to bed. I'm pooped!


Nancy said...

Oh Kay.. that's awesome news... you SOOOOO rock!! So happy for you that they picked up your pages! Can't wait to see them in print! Have a great day and see you soon at 2peas!! Hugs, Nancy

Jenny said...


Jenny in Maine