Saturday, May 17, 2008

That's Entertainment

A few pictures from last night at dress rehearsal. Doesn't she look happy in the first? The had the kids line up for the finale first, and the girl would not crack a smile. She looks so happy trapped amongst the flowers, no? Then they went back to their seats and waited for their number. Well let me tell you this girl put on her game face when it was show time. That move in the second picture had Em and I hysterical in today's performance. I was laughing so hard I missed the final few moments from the tears in my eyes. She dances with heart, I tell you! And the last picture is the smile on her face when it was all through. Priceless.


Kim said...

Hey Kay...haven't been to your blog in quite awhile...bad me, lol. Loving all the photos and the ones on your photo blog too! I'm hoping to get back into my old habits soon. I need more scrap time!

Wendy said...

Oh she's so cute! :)