Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I had a good weekend. It was busy, but fun. Went to mom's for coffee yesterday a.m. Then home to finish my deadlines for Provo Craft. The got Jenna all ready for her soccer game, arrived at the fields, only to find out she didn't have a game after all. That will teach me to check the schedule. As we pulled away from the soccer fields, Jenna said "Mom, I am NOT a happy camper." True dat, my girl. True dat.

Went to the casino with the neighbors last night. And while I'm not exactly a high roller, playing the $0.02 machines and all, not spending more that $20 total, I ended up at $127.00. After paying Bill back the $20 he gave me to gamble, and also paid him the $20 he lost. Then I paid for dinner and the tip at $40. So we ended up with a free dinner and a bit of winnings to boot, without spending a dime. Odds were in my favor, I think.

Grocery shopping today in preparation for the week and a family gathering at mom's for lunch. The whole family was there, including Billy which was a great surprise. He has been moved to days (he is a police officer) so he can now come home some weekends. We had fun together, as always. Emily came home after work last night and left tonight. What would Mother's Day be like without my girls?

Speaking of my girls, this is one of the outtakes from the gardens last week. Priceless.

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Linda said...

Hope you had a fantastic mother's day, Kay! :) That picture is hilariously cute!