Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Sunday

It's amazing to me how quickly time passes in the spring. It catches me unawares every stinking year. Soccer, with dance, school activities, and life in general. It's just kicking my butt right now. And making me long for summer, and a different pace. One that doesn't involve to-do lists that span the length of my arm.

One of the things that I spent the week (and last weekend) working on was my new Advanced Photoshop Elements class. It takes so much time, because I have to decide what I'm teaching, test each topic, write up the steps for a handout, and choose the pictures to go with the class. Then I have to drop the pics off at the store so they can be loaded onto the computers. The class is 6 hours in total, and I only got done with the first class. On Thursday night, after countless hours spent on prepping for the class, the camera shop called to say they didn't get enough people to run it. GOOD TIMES. At least I have more time to prep.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time at Scrap Supply celebrating National Scrapbook Day. What a blast! I have some Photoshop challenges and tutorials, and the other DT members have fun challenges as well. You really have to check it out! We played Bingo til the wee hours last night and it was a blast. I even created a few actions if you have Photoshop, although they won't work in Elements.

Emily is now officially done with her junior year of college. She called yesterday and talked about how she feels like a zombie now that exams are over. I remember that feeling. She's working at a coffee shop (I believe she is called a barista, but she doesn't find the title nearly as charming as I do.) She's taking classes all summer. I just cannot fathom that she's already been away for three years. Yikes. She gets to come home and hang for a few days and I can't wait to see her. It always makes me feel like my family is complete when she's home.

School is busy too. Grades were due this week, and the kids have been absent in droves due to field trips, sporting events, club competitions, etc. So every day after school I had droves of students needing the lesson repeated or to make up the tests they missed. Plus it was prom last night, so they were really wound up in class getting ready for the big weekend. I got so busy at the end of the week I got kind of cranked. That usually doesn't happen. I'm usually really on top of things at school. Somehow with the make-up work it was impossible. Here's hoping for a more relaxing week. Wish me luck.

I've been working hard on my photos for my photography class. I am learning so much about my photo skills and point of view. We are supposed to shoot a series of photos with a theme/story. It turns out I don't really have one. I'm disappointed in how "snapshotty" my photos are. I want photos that look polished, well-composed, and a little artsy to boot. Doesn't seem like too much to ask, IMO. My passion is photos of people. Not just my girls, although that is a good 90% of the passion ... but that's just because they can't say no when I want to take their picture. So I really wanted to take pictures of Jenna for my series. But I did bring pictures in to class last time of other shots I have taken so the teacher could see I'm not just a mom with a camera. (MWAC.) He particularly liked one I had taken of a corn stalk. And literal-minded math teacher w/a smart mouth said, "It's JUST a corn stalk." Nice, Kay. Now let me tell you about this teacher. He is an accomplished photographer who has studied with several famous photographers, and can make even the most mundane things beautiful. You should have seen the look he shot me. So after much deliberation I have decided to make my series "Things Along the Trail." Little things I observe when hanging out at the Nature Center. Maybe focusing on something OTHER than people will push me forward. Here's hoping.

Just finished the book Water for Elephants. It was REALLY good. In fact, it's the best book I've read in a very long time. Now I'm reading The Year of Fog. It is good, but leaves me feeling so sad every time I pick it up. It's about a missing girl and the endless search for her. I think this time of year I need something a bit more uplifting, and a little less heart-heavy. Next time, I guess. I need to keep reading because with every page I'm hopeful that they find her. I'm going to be a wreck if it doesn't happen. That's all I'm sayin'.

The picture is of my girl last week. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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