Thursday, February 07, 2008

Week 3 - Snow Day Heaven

That's right, three weeks in a row with a snow day. It's a dream come true! Went out and played in the snow all morning. It was NASTY yesterday, and we got so much snow we were let out 10 minutes early from school. (Insert furious face here.) But seriously, it was so bad they called it off LAST NIGHT. So I slept in until 7:30. Heaven, I tell you! Especially since I'm prepping for painting tomorrow. I can't wait to get the paining done. This project has been going on since early fall, and we're just getting around to it. Yikes!

Have you seen the February newsletter at Scrap Supply? You need to check it out. It is jam-packed with amazing ideas.

Got a big ol' box of goodies from ProvoCraft at my door yesterday. More Cricut cartridges, and a new product called Cuttlekids. I think Jenna and I will have fun with it! Now, however, I need to rearrange the scrap space to accommodate said goodies. Wish me luck.

Also last week I can home to an unexpected box at the door. It was from KI Memories, and it was the new Idea Planner for 2008 with MY PAGE IN IT! While it wasn't my favorite page from my album, it does showcase my love of coffee. I'm just thrilled to be in it.

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