Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Scrap Space

Here it is. I decided to work with a template and use photos of the formal living room which I have been making over into a more usable room. It is attached to the formal dining room (which we don't use AT ALL) so that picture is included as well.

What I love? The word art I made using the Cricut Expression and the vinyl. My IKEA bookshelves (3). My funky chair and my RED COUCH! I also love the personal touches in the room. My sister made me the Sudoku quilt, my brother made me a tiered shelf, and my brother-in-law stained that shelf.

It has come such a long way from where I started (see the little pictures for an idea of where I started.) Notice the hideous light fixture in the dining room? Just replaced it and it's ugly counterparts throughout the house. Put them out to the road and no takers. Go figure!

Next steps are to:

Add crown moulding (is that the correct spelling?)
New lamps (seriously, they are ugly)
Window treatment
Finish photo wall
Add something to the tiered shelf (which is empty right now.)

So much to be done, so little time. (Or is it energy?)

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