Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What? Another one?

Yep, it happened. Another snow day. The wind was absolutely HOWLING last night. We went from a temp of the high 30's to the single digits, plus a little snow/ice combo, plus some schools losing power. And BINGO, Kay gets another day off. I tell you, it's the ONLY good thing about winter in my neck of the woods.

Jenna is just recovering from RSV, and I'm recovering from CHA deadlines. Sent my projects off on Monday, and will be taking a break from the scrap-related activities for a while now. YIKES.

So I got this book for my new Canon 40D, and this book for CS3. Can I say I have a lot to learn? It's a touch overwhelming, especially while I'm trying to learn both my camera and the new program's features (I upgraded from CS2 which is a LONG, UGLY story), and trying to keep up with my scrappy deadlines. But since I'm taking a little break from the scrapping for now, it feels OK to focus on the others. This a.m. I tried to get my color management between my camera, my monitor, and my printer all set. And 10 test prints later, I'm getting there.

Nothing else new. We stayed home last weekend because of Jenna's being sick. Not a very exciting weekend, to say the least. And it looks like another quiet week, which I'm OK with.

Have a good day ... and think snow day for Friday. Supposedly there is another storm moving in for Thursday night, and a three-day weekend wouldn't be all that bad. I'm just sayin' . . .

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