Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doing the snow dance . . .

for sure. Word on the streets (or in the halls in my case) is that in order to make a snow day happen, one must complete the following tasks:
1) Flush an ice cube down the toilet. At first, I wondered about the mental health of the student who mentioned it, but I heard it repeated several times. So consider this a reputable source.
2) Wear your pj's inside out. Sometimes I complete this task completely on accident, so this should be no problem whatsoever.
3) Sleep with your homework under your pillow. There are several variations on the pillow move, one of them being sleep with a SPOON under your pillow. Now that's a new one by me, but I'm up to trying anything.
4) Do the snow-day dance. One student said his family's rendition includes spelling the phrase "let it snow" with your caboose, if you catch my drift. And while I don't fancy myself a dancer per se, I may just bust a move.

Why do I focus on snow days? I ask myself this very question. I fancy myself the queen of snow days, and hey, who doesn't wish to be royalty at some point in their life? And while I love my job, a day off would not hurt my feelings at all. We're in line for a little weather something-something, and my snow day hopes are high.

I'm off. I have a lot of preparations to do tonight. Wish me luck!

And sissy, Jenna says hi, and I love you!

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