Sunday, January 06, 2008

I made it!

It was back to school on Wednesday, so the whole holiday break was sort of a rip off. It was just too short! The good news was we were only in school three days. I'll tell you, we were ALL tired, teachers and students alike.

So short week, not a lot going on. Em went back yesterday, and is now, I assume, in total panic mode with next semester. She has Physics II, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, a teaching class, and something other bio class I believe. Buh-bye life! I don't know how she does it! The house feels so empty with her gone. Last night as we were off to bed Jenna said, "Don't forget to leave the light on for sissy!" We were both sad when we realized she's gone again.

Took Jenna skiing with some classmates over break. Played with the new camera. (Have I mentioned I'm in love with this camera? LOL!) First they did tubing, which was cool because the tubes hooked to the tow rope and pulled you up the hill. They they took ski lessons. Jen struggled a bit, and got tired. (Dare I say she got her mother's stellar coordination and natural athletic ability? Probably best not to.) But it was a fun day. All Jen wants to do is play outside. And as a hater-of-all-things-winter, I'm forcing myself to get out with her. Up until this weekend we've had constant snow but we're in the midst of a January thaw.

Head on over to my photo blog for more photos. I'm trying to take more pics through the week, then I'll try to load on the weekends. One of my resolutions is to keep working on my photography skills. Wish me luck!

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