Sunday, December 16, 2007

BRING IT, Mother Nature.

That's right. I need some snow, woman. And not just enough to make life miserable, I need the school-stopping, wind howling, must stay home variety. And the timing must be perfect. None of this starting on a Friday or Saturday nonsense. What is up with THAT? I need the Sunday night through Thursday variety. Because without the hope of a snow day, what exactly is the point of snow? These are the things I ask myself. Yes, we're under a winter snow warning. And it's all I can think about. I know, I really need to grow up. Don't count on it though!

Anyhoo, I've been busy. As have we all, I assume. Here are a few of the highlights of the last few weeks:
~Jenna has another ear infection. Good times.
~took Jenna last weekend to a pancake supper with Santa at my school. The high school kids did a fabulous job with the wee ones, and it was fun to see.
~took pics of my neighbors daughter and her friends and experimented more with studio lights. It was fun, and another reminder of how much I have to learn.
~took pictures of my sister's neighbor, Luke, who is around two. He wasn't feeling well, but what a sweet kid! Loved him!
~turned 42. 'Nuff Said.
~had Aunt Max and Uncle Fred over for pizza. They got me a yummy bottle of wine and two gorgeous wine glasses.
~celebrated Christmas with my high school friend and her family. Had a wonderful time. Took their Christmas card photo.
~my girl came home from college. She is a little exam-weary, poor thing. Went yesterday to get her a new bed for her empty room. Three weeks on a pull out couch is too much.
~Went and picked out our tree and decorated it. Now it feels a bit more like Christmas!

OK, that's about it. Check out my photo blog for some of my recent faves. And happy holidays to you all!

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Hope you get those snow days when you need them! ;)