Friday, April 06, 2007

My Girl

Is home for Easter. Every Thursday night Courtney, Em's friend from high school, comes over and watched Grey's with me. Last night Em made it too! And because we didn't have school today Jen stayed up as well. It was a total girls' night.

Today I took Jen to a coworker's house who has a huge egg hunt every Easter. 1000 eggs. I helped fill them on Wednesday night. I can't believe she has done it by herself in the past. What a job! And it SNOWED, so the hunt was done in the snow. Have I mentioned my hatred of the snow and cold? Serious loathing. That's all I'm sayin'.

Em and I went over some calculus when I got home. She has a pretty brutal schedule with math/bio as her major and minor. Poor girl! Seems all she does is study. She got her haircut today, and I managed to snap this picture of my beauty. She's such a good kid. I can't even tell you.

We all went out to dinner, Em's pick. We had fun. Miss J seems to be getting yet ANOTHER cold, so she's been a treat. A little touchy, a little mischievious. Tonight when EM went out with her friends, Jen cried. She hates to see Em leave now. Poor babe.

Worked a bit on a deadline. I'm working ahead, thank goodness, because the mojo is a no-go. WOW. I hope I snap out of this soon!

Have a great Friday!

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