Sunday, March 02, 2008

A normal March day in Michigan

consists of snow and grey skies. UGH. But it was rather warm, so off we went to City Forest. First, we went skating.

Then trudged up the hill to go tobogganing. Both Bill and I remember the winters of our youth, when the lines to go down the run were endless. There were very few people there today. Sad, really. It's a cheap day of entertainment, with skate rentals $2 for 2 hours, and the toboggan was $4 for 2 hours. Jenna wants me to go down the hill next time. Yeah, right.

Then into the warming house for hot chocolate.


DenaCoe said...

I totally want to do the toboggan! That looks like soo much dang fun :)
love the pics Kay!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures. Love them, and boy does it look fun.