Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feeling a bit under the weather . . .

Got a bug this week. It was a cold with a fever, and it has wiped me OUT. I've been so fortunate this winter, and have avoided much of the sickness that has been going around. Not so this time. So I stayed home Thursday and Friday and did NOTHING. And I do mean NOTHING. Wow, it's scary how lazy I was. It seems like a good thing, R&R, but frankly I was just B-O-R-E-D. Read a little, took a nap. Had a snack, took a nap. Watched some TV, took a nap. Getting the picture?

Did I mention a lot of TV? I swear, daytime TV is incentive to work outside of the home. There is absolutely nothing on in the daytime. I did catch up on "Gone Country," and who knows why I like that particular show, but I do. Also, watched the "America's Next Top Model" marathon. Seriously, I think my IQ dropped a few points. But my all-time fave show right now is Project Runway. Got to see a few episodes in between naps.

Took Miss J to the carnival Friday night. She has been SO excited, and Bill offered to take her so I could rest some more. The guilt of missing her first school carnival got to me and off I went. Looking FABULOUS, don't cha know. Of course I ran into a ton of people that I know, as luck would have it. The weirdest thing was how many people (including myself) went to this elementary school, and now we're all sending our kids there.

Speaking of J, do you like the fake smile in the picture? Can't you just see the frustration in her face? "Take the dang picture mom!" Her front tooth is so loose, it's hanging off to the side, making the gap even larger than it was before. It looks so dang funny! I was dreading her losing said tooth, but now that it's all lopsided it can drop out any time. LOL!

Emily made it home from Spring Break. She was by Charleston, SC, and had to drive home yesterday. Her route was through OHIO, and Bill detoured her through Indiana. It added some time to their trip, but thankfully they made it home through minimal weather conditions. (Welcome home, my girl!)

Taught Photoshop Elements yesterday. I felt a bit better and thought I would be fine, but about 5 minutes into the class I got a coughing attack. You know the type . . . eyes watering, trying to clear the gunk in your throat, gasping for air, while these poor, unsuspecting people are waiting for me to get a grip. The cough drop didn't help, so I resorted to chugging my coffee in an effort to breathe. Once "the episode" passed, my voice was gone. With three hours of class to go. GOOD TIMES. Thankfully it came back, I got my bearings, and everything worked out. Of course the minute I got home I took a monster nap. Near death experiences wear you out, I'm telling you!

Went to a dinner last night with Bill's shooting club. About 10 minutes into the meal my ears got completely plugged, and I ceased hearing. Between not being able to hear, the coughing, and the sneezing fits, well, I'm sure I was the life of the party. As soon as we got home I went to bed. Are you noticing a theme here?

Still feeling bad today. Hoping for a reprieve this week. This busy, crazy week. Wish me luck!


Kate said...

hope you feel better ASAP!

DenaCoe said...

Hey Kay! Hope that you are doing better this week :)