Monday, March 17, 2008


I think that's what it is, but Miss J. has a seriously bad cough going on. Poor baby. My guess is allergies because every single year around spring break the girl gets sick. I guess this year is no exception. So here I am, bored at home. We've been snuggling on the couch all a.m., and I've been reading the book Runner for the staff version of "Battle of the Books." It was really good, but now that Jenna is napping, I'm back to bored.

Went shooting yesterday around town. I was inspired (yet again) by the fabulous Torm and this post on her blog. It was SUCH a grey, dreary day. (Big shocker for Michigan, I know.) But it was FABULOUS to be outside, walking around. It was about 35 degrees and felt warm. Sad? You betcha. The Native American is from a painting on the courthouse.
I'll post more later.

Just received a box-o-goodies from Sassafras Lass which are calling my name. A few more deadlines, and it's time to PLAY!

Have a great week. And if you have any ideas for allergies, let me know!

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DenaCoe said...

Oh I love your pics Kay! They are beautiful.
Don't have any allergy tips but I hope Jenna girl starts feeling better :)