Monday, March 31, 2008

And the "my goodness you're dumb" award goes to . . .

me. Yep, yours truly. Sometimes I wonder how I survive at'all.

Here's the story. It's spring break, and I'm home. Pouting. And yes, I realize this is not attractive, and I'm horribly shallow. I'm OK with that. They say the first step to solving a problem is recognizing it, right? Anyhoo, decided a little retail therapy via a trip to IKEA may just help. Couldn't hurt, right? Went with my sister Beth, and met Emily there. Perfect, since Em needs her rent check for college, and I can just deliver it to her that way.

Got some doors (4) and drawers (4) for my Expedit bookshelves. Also bought some more frames so I can finish my photo wall. A few more odds and ends, and we're ready to go. Packing it in the car is always a little difficult, especially with my shopping cohorts. But Em drove herself this time so I could actually see out of my rearview window. SWEET. We went to Chili's for lunch, gave Em a hug and "I love you" and we're on our merry way.

Then Em calls me on the way home, and says, "Mom, you forgot to give me the check." DUH. Um, that's one of the reasons we went to IKEA in the first place. But no worries, she's behind us on the expressway, and we'll just pull off at the next exit and make the financial transaction. Off we go, pull over, and I take out my checkbook. NO BLANK CHECKS. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Wait, there's one I wrote incorrectly. Could I fake it? Let's just say my forgery skills are weak and it didn't work.

Em said she'd drive home the next morning to pick up the check. She wasn't even mad at me, (probably because she's immune to my idiocy.) Of course the mom guilt got the best of me, so I told her I'd drive down in the morning to deliver it. So up early Sunday morning, getting ready to go out the door, and realize I haven't refilled the checkbook. Go into the cupboard to find said checks, and NOTHING. I have no more checks. You see, I don't write many checks. A box can last me a good 6 months or more. I pay all bills online. Now what?

I had a few used check packs in the box WHERE THE NEW CHECKS SHOULD BE and luckily I can't count and had one blank check. (Cue the sound of angels singing, that's how happy I was.)

The good news was I got to see my girl again. I took Jenna and she was happy because she knew I had seen sissy the day before and was jealous. It all worked out in the end. I still get the award, I know.

BTW, putting together the shelves and drawers took me 6 hours. Yep, that's right. A few minor flesh wounds and pounded thumbs later, they were all done. It looks so much better now that my junk isn't quite so visable. I also got lamps for the room. It is now 99% done. The last step is for Bill to add the moulding, and voila. Done.

Went to school to scrap all day today. Felt good to scrap just for me.

I got tagged by my scrap idol, Dena, and I will be tagging people tomorrow.

Enjoy your Monday!

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