Monday, July 23, 2007

We're back!

Sunburned, tired, and happy. We went to our friends' cottage this weekend and had an awesome time. I took so many pictures, and Jenna experienced so many firsts. She rode on a jet-ski (or ski-jet, as she calls it) several times, we took pontoon rides, went tubing behind the jet-ski and the boat, sat by the fire and roasted smores, and ate until I didn't think I could eat again.

Our friends completely redid this cottage, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I know they feel they still have a lot to do, but when you look at the before pictures as well as hear them describe what they have personally done, you would be amazed. Their girls are these amazingly kind kids, and Jenna just loves to be around them. It was the perfect end to a crazy two weeks, and it's amazing what a different state of mind I am in because of their hospitality.

OK, off to catch up with the rest of my life, the parts I have been sorely neglecting the past two weeks. Things like bills, laundry, deadlines. . . wish me luck!

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Elizabeth aka ScrappinQueen said...

Hi Kay!
Happy to hear you had a nice time!
Hope you picked up some mojo too!
Hugs, Elizabeth