Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank goodness it's over.

This week, that is. One word - BUSY. But it was all fun too, so I'm not complaining. Jenna had her big "friends" birthday for the first time. Em planned the whole thing, and it had a "Luau" theme. We bought grass skirts, leis, and visors (which they decorated) for the kids. They looked so cute! There were 8 kids, two babies, 4 adults, and 2 (almost) teens. It was a full house, but I appreciated the help. It went SO FAST, and while we were busy, it wasn't too rushed until the end when I realized that there were only 10 minutes left for cake and ice cream. OOPS! We did the limbo, played musical beach towels to the soundtrack to Lilo and Stitch, and did a pinata, which came apart at the hanger, forcing us to hang it upside down. Then the stupid thing wouldn't break. It was hilarious!

We went back to the lake to look at cabins this afternoon. Nothing is really jumping out at us, which is OK because we're still in the "thinking about it" phase. I'd love a cottage for the summer, provided I have internet access. How spoiled am I? I know, I know.

I have a few scrapping secrets, but I'm not ready to divulge them just yet. It's been a great summer with guest gigs and such. I've been approached with a few new opportunities, and that makes me feel really good. If someone knows me from my pages, well, how cool is that? I'm not a networking kind of gal . . . I don't know a lot of people in the biz, and that's just fine. I still have modest success by staying under the radar. I am in the So You Think You Can Scrap contest sponsored by Scrapper's Bliss. There will be voting starting some time this weekend. I have to be honest, I'm not crazy about the voting part. I'm not comfortable campaigning for votes, but this contest has the current DT giving input, so that's cool. We will also post pages without names, which makes it a touch more anonymous. It's fun to try these different styles, although I'm afraid of a few of them. Hopefully I stick around for a while and get some pages done. I also did two pages for the BasicGrey Pub Calls blog. They are the last two on page 3. Another challenge to keep my mojo going. Not my best stuff, but OK.

Let's see. What else. I had two Curriculum Development meetings this week for 6 hours. It's funny to think school now. My brain is on summer mode, and it took me the first hour of our meeting to switch over to "teacher mode." It gets harder and harder to do each year. I also met for dinner with my cousins, and say Debbie who lives in California. She is the cousin I resemble, and she cracks me up. Family is such a cool thing. Also took Jenna to Chuck E Cheese for her actual birthday. She is going to think that birthdays are week-long affairs. BIG MISTAKE, I know. Bill's Uncle Fred came home from vacation today, so all is right in his world again. He's been to his house twice already. Again, family. It's a good thing! I'm in the midst of removing wallpaper in our entryway so we can paint. Nothing says fun like scraping off wallpaper, I tell ya!

And for the most embarrassing new development in my small little life . . . I am addicted to Webkinz. I love playing the games, especially Goober's Lab, and picking out the rooms. How sad is THAT?

Peace out!

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Amy Coose said...

OMgosh, I LOVE webkinz. MY DD has 12, and I get on and play the games all the time. I was up until 11 last night playing the word game!!!:0

I'm sooooo ready to hear your scrap SPILL!!!:) Congrats to you, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!!!