Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Lazy Saturday

I went to the grocery store, and I have to say that was my major accomplishment of the day. What a slacker! Tonight it's off to dinner with friends. Sat in the e.r. with my dad yesterday for a while, nothing major, but still takes a touch of the wind out of your sails. So today was about R&R. Even a nap. Did I mention I'm a slacker?

A layout of my girl. Love the photo. Still working on my photo a day. Got a smidge behind with my busy week last week, but I'm back in action today. Did another layout, but too lazy to post.

Still grappling with being out of style in the scrapbooking biz. I'm down to two DT's, by my choice. But what I'm noticing is that having all of the deadlines kept me in the game. Now I scrap a fraction of the time, and mojo is more of an issue. What do I do? Apply for more DT's again? And there are certainly no guarantees for a no-name like myself. Or do I focus more on getting pubbed? Because with all of my DT work in the past, I barely had enough time to submit. And pubs are few and far between.

And it is decided. I'm not changing my style to fit in. Can't. Won't. Even if I've hit the end of the line. That much I am sure of!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Tonia said...

You are a silly, silly girl! You are sooooo not out of style! You have a following of your own and your pages are gorgeous! How boring would it be if everyone's pages were the same style!?

I will probably be calling you about CKU registration Sun or Mon(are you off Mon???)

LOVE this page Kay!

Shaunte Wadley said...

Oh man.

That photo is gorgeous! I mean, they are all really good, and she is darling...but that one...woah.