Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another day . . .

another dollar. Back to school for three days. Pretty relaxing, but it's a bit like the calm before the storm, because exams are coming up. That's high stress for the kids. And while it's easy as a teacher regarding planning, etc., it's SO STRESSFUL for the students that somehow I get stressed too. Go figure! We'll review all week, and I'll see how well I did teaching the stuff the first time. Wish us all luck!

Tomorrow I start my photography class. I am SO EXCITED! The purpose is to learn my SLR, and shooting in manual. If you look at my photo blog, you'll see some of my attempts at manual. I am close to "understanding exposure" (which is the title of the book I am trying to teach myself with), but I have gone as far as I can go on my own. So I have high hopes for this class.

Em and her friends made a really cool tote using a photo (altered in photoshop) and a masking technique. Check it out on my photo blog under POTD #5.

Haven't been scrapping much for myself. I'm in deadline mode still, with one more PC project to do. It's the first round of CHA projects, so I'm trying to work ahead on these. I have an idea for a layout for me sitting on the table, waiting for my mojo to appear. If you see mo', send it my way!

The photo is from last week when Jen decided to break out the dress-up clothes and play princess. I used a "Diffuse Glow" filter on it.


Lana said...

Must be in the air - I took a 101 photography class this weekend. :) Good to catch up with you Kay - have fun at CHA lucky!

aleciagrimm said...

I love that photo!! Great layout below it too. Happy New Year. :-)