Monday, May 01, 2006

Senior moment, perhaps?

See, I was busting a gut trying to get my SM projects done by the deadline, which I thought was May 1. Why? Who knows. I'm notorious for messing up the dates. So I worked on and off, and got four of the five done . . . and while posting one of them for he DT to see, I read the post with the deadlines. MAY 7. No kidding. What a dunce. But the good news is I only have one more project to do by the 7th!

I also finished my PC projects. WHEW. It feels good when you can cross something off the old "TO DO" list. Now it's work on the KMA deadlines, which I can't do until my box arrives.

So silly me, I signed up for the page a day challenge at SM. Like I will have the time to do a page a day in May? Who am I kidding? But I thought it may be incentive to try some new things, and even scrap outside of my normal deadlines. On my busy days, I will use the 4 layouts that are close to completion for my daily layout. Cheating? You decide. I'm good with it.
Also, some layouts will have to be deadlinne layouts, which I may not be able to post. Maybe I will link to them.

Then I thought I would challenge myself: maybe try some digital, use products that I haven't used (and are making me feel guilty about every time I see them.) I'm going to make a list of prompts/challenges for myself, and see what I can do. Wish me luck.

Also, anyone who is free on Saturday, I'll be chatting on KMA for NSD. I need to work up some challenges, and I'll present a home decor project, as will the other DT members. There are some REALLY COOL PROJECTS, so come and visit! Let me know if you have any questions!

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