Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm a PAD dropout

And I'm so mad at myself! I really wanted to follow through with this, but life has just gotten in the way. The good news is I finished (and sent) a lot of projects that have been BUGGING me because I've been procrastinating. Here's what I accomplished.

1. A super secret project that I'm not at liberty to discuss. ;)
2. A mini tin-album for DCWV
3. Two assignments for Cantata (dropped in mail yesterday)
4. My card (final project) for KMA for May (sent yesterday as well)
5. I also sent a RAK to the winner of my challenge at KMA on NSD.
6. Submitting . . . I have not submitted anything seriously since the end of last summer. So slowly but surely I'm catching up, and trying to rebuild my ScrapBio. Yikes, this is a lot of work!

So for May, I'm all caught up. WHEW. Maybe tomorrow I can make another PAD layout. Or maybe not . . . maybe I need a break! Who knows?

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