Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The saga continues . . .

If you read about my really CRAPPY day a few weeks ago, you noticed I mentioned having poison ivy. Or what seemed to be poison ivy. I went to the Dr. two weeks ago and I showed him a strange rash on my neck. He mentioned he THOUGHT it may be poison ivy, but wasn't sure. He prescribed prednisone just in case. Well it spread to my face. GOOD TIMES. If I looked bad before, well, double ugh once it hit my mug. So I went back to the Dr. and got the Dr. on call. He was sure it was poison ivy, and prescribed a higher dose of prednisone, and a cream for the itch. The prednisone made my heart race, and that was it.

Well, two weeks later and the rash continues to spread. And it itches SO BADLY I can hardly sleep. I finally hit my breaking point in the middle of the night . . . I just can't take the itch ANY MORE. And if it was poison ivy, how can it still be spreading? (Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't spread from scratching, it's from the plant oils.) So I called the Dr. (the first one who wasn't convinced it was poison ivy in the first place) and went back in today. (Thank goodness for insurance!) He is SURE it was not poison ivy after all, but hives due to an allergic reaction. I asked him he better give me some valium because I was going CRAZY from the itching. The funny thing is he agreed! LOL. I turned it down, but I'm not going to lie, if I keep itching like this I may just take him up on it! So two antihistimines later, hopefully this clears up. If not, mood-altering drugs, here I come!!!

Two more weeks of school left . . . but who's counting? Next week we'll review for exams, then three exam days before GLORIOUS FREEDOM! I love my job . . . I can't imagine doing anything else. But I love my summers. Sleeping in, going to the water parks, picnics, weekend vacations at the lake . . . what could be better?

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