Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who stole my mojo?

Seriously. Because it's GONE. I went to my LSS to a page-creating session, and actually liked what I made. (Which stays in the store, and since my scanner PUKED I couldn't share it anyways!) WHY CAN'T I MAKE ANYTHING I LIKE AT HOME?

Those of you who know me know I've been CRANKY. Seriously so. Haven't caught up since being out on vacation. I still haven't caught up on the laundry, and today there was a burning smell coming from the dryer. GOOD TIMES. So maybe it's the disarray in my life that has robbed me of any creative spark WHATSOEVER.

Supplies? Not an issue. Have everything I could possibly need, and more. Maybe that's a problem . . . where to start? What do I want to play with first?? BasicGrey? Of course. Chatterbox (to get over my issues?) Yep. KI Memories? OF COURSE! The new AL and MOD? Certainly. The new Fancy Pants? Oh yeah.

So what is holding me back? I DON'T KNOW. I'm OK on my DT asssignments, for the most part. PC is done (although I should start working ahead), just did a spring layout for Sassafras Lass, it's cute. DCWV . . . I'm supposed to be getting a box tomorrow for a quick turnaround deadline of Wednesday. I need to put the finishing touch on a layout for the SM kit (and can I just say, AWESOME kit!). All done with April projects for KMA, just need to scan and upload one of them (WITH THE SCANNER THAT DOESN'T work). So basically, I'm OK with deadlines. So what is my problem????????????

And if the new scanner/printer is coming in the mail tomorrow, will I have to be here to have them drop it off? Because I'll be at school. I will be SO MAD if I don't have that tomorrow. I can always take a picture of my layouts to share, and that's my back-up plan.

Maybe shopping will help. Yeah. Maybe some new shoes, or a new purse. Or some snazzy duds for the Scrap Muse retreat. That ought to work, huh?

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