Saturday, April 15, 2006

Opportunity/Getting Ahead

It's interesting how opportunity can just fall in your lap. For instance, I have wanted more than anything in the scrapbooking world to be offered "assignment" work. And not just be offered the opportunity, but to have my work be good enough to warrant the invitation. And guess what? Someone just offered me that chance! I'M THRILLED.

I am by no means an expert in the industry. But this opportunity for PAID assignment work came from a non-paying origin. And while some will tell you "REAL DESIGNERS" don't design for free, some of the paying opportunities I have fallen into came from non-paying gigs to start.

And while I'm talking about opportunities . . . my first BH&G pub is OUT RIGHT NOW. How cool is that? A goal realized. It's a good thing.

While surfing tonight I visited the ProvoCraft site and saw a picture of Jen ON THE HOMEPAGE. What a kick. See it at under the Sizzix project. (Lower right corner.)

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Betsy V said...

Congrats on the assignment Kay! Hope this is just what you need to get you out of your "grouchies" and get your mojo back!!! Would it help if I told you I think your work rocks!?!? It does!! :)