Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Up?

So under duress, I'm blogging tonight. One of my two faithful blog readers pressured me into posting, even though my life is extremely small and boring right now and I have nothing to say. I have GOT to get a life. Seriously.

Let's see. My uncle Hank died last week. He's actually my dad's uncle, but was like a grandpa to me. He and my Aunt Edith were my Godparents. The showing was Thursday, and the funeral on Friday. He was 97 years old. Can you believe it? And in really good health up until the last few years. They were married for 71 years. That's a lifetime! It was more like a celebration of life, but still sad. I'm not one of those accepting people that finds solace in death. I hate goodbyes. Really hate them. Em came home for the funeral and showing so we got to hang out. And it's nice to see family, even under these circumstances.

Slow weekend. Bill took off to a conference so I was single-momming it until yesterday. It is seriously warm outside so Jen and I have been exploring outdoors. The pic is from the Nature Center on Sunday. She gets so sassy in those boots, I tell ya! She's sassy anyways . . . who am I kidding?

Allergies are kicking my butt, but I've found a temporary solution. I'm taking a double dose of Allegra, on the diagnosis of Dr. Kay. As Elaine knows, I'm a fan of the medication. And I am feeling better.

OK, off to watch Private Practice. I'm digging the new fall shows! (Did I mention I'm in desperate need of a life?) In scrapping news, I made the October Newsletter at PageMaps. It is such a cool site, with awesome sketches. Perfect for the time/creatively impaired. Also, had my first article at ScrapSupply. It's such a cool team! I'm having a blast.

OK, signing off.

Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to have pressured you into a blog --- but I needed a little fix. This young lady is too darn cute! I can't believe how old she looks in this photo. I believe my mom used to say something like "I'm going to have to lock her in a closet when she gets older", she never did so I guess I didn't turn out as cute as she thougt I was going to :) Jenna on the other hand may!

I hope you have a great day and for your faithful readers....give us our fix once in a while.

Mel Z said...

Well, I am a quiet but faithful reader of your blog. I admire your talent as a scrapbooker and photography. Actually the photo this eveing gave me an idea for somethign to try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mel Z said...

Sorry for the bad english and typos. :(