Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is this thing on?

It's been another marathon week for me. I swear, I am so busy it hurts. Let's see.

Monday? School, Dr.'s office then to x-ray since Jen's eye swelled up again. (No fracture, but the Dr. felt that she probably shouldn't have played soccer on Saturday. OOPS!) Then off to dance.

Tuesday? School, then out to dinner with the ladies from Central. I miss teaching with them, but I'm grateful we keep in touch.

Wednesday? School, then shopping for birthday presents, for the Lia Sophia Party, and for party supplies for the weekend. Also spent 3 hours learning the new version of Photoshop Elements 5.0 for my class on Saturday.

Thursday? School, then hosted a Lia Sophia party for Em. Had quite a few guests, and had fun. In the middle of the party got a call from the owner of the camera shop saying he had puchased Elements 6 for the class rather than version 5.0. Guess what? I don't know it! Finished my handouts for my Saturday class.

Friday? School, then off to a Friday night crop where I needed to finish my 3 PC projects that were due on Tuesday. I've never been late in two years, and I had to ask for an extension. Got them done, and worked on two November layouts for SS.

Saturday? Taught Elements from 9-12, then home to get ready to host a birthday party for Em, Jami and Scott. It was easy and we had fun overall.

Today? Exhausted. Went grocery shopping, did laundry, and took the girls to the Nature Center for a few pics. It was the perfect fall day, and to be honest, I was too tired to enjoy it. Feel guilty for that! Now it's preparing for the week. I need a vacation from my life, for sure.

Have a great week! I know it's another busy one for me. My goal is to get out and shoot some great pics and enjoy the fall colors. I haven't done enough of that, and I'm already feeling guilty.

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