Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another week o' fun

It was another busy week, but a good one overall. Let's see. Last weekend started with a trip to the Dr. for Jenna. Thank goodness they have Saturday a.m. hours because she was starting another ear infection. The problem was her allergies, and they were flaring because of the abnormally hot fall we were having. She missed her soccer game, which she was really upset about. She asked me, "mom, how am I going to score goals if I'm not at the game?" True dat, my competitive one. She perked up quickly once on the meds.

I had promised Chris that I would take some senior pictures. So my sister and I walked around downtown Saturday (in the sweltering heat, drinking hot coffee of course) and tried to scope out some outdoor settings that had the look of a city, or urban setting. Chris wanted solid-color or textured backgrounds. So I met him late afternoon with Jami and Maggi and we did the shoot. I think we got some really good shots, and I am learning with every session I do. Sunday I proofed some of the photos and spent some time with Bill and Jenna at a pumpkin farm. It was so hot though that is wasn't much fun. Plus she wasn't feeling all that well still. The weekend went SO FAST!

This week was busy as well. Monday dance, Tuesday grocery store, Wednesday to wait in line for computers for my sister and niece, Thursday soccer and photo club, and last night the homecoming parade, then to the coffee shop with my sisters, Emily who was in town for the day, and my niece, then off to a local pub with my math girls. WHEW. I went to bed last night at 9:00. How sad is that? I was hoping the triple espresso after school would keep me awake, but no go.

Did you notice Jen's shiner? It's a good one. She went on a field trip at school on Wednesday and a student ran into her in a corn maze. I about threw up when I saw it. I don't take seeing my girls in pain well AT ALL. I remember when Emily needed stitches on her chin when she was about the same age as Jenna and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown in the ER. I called my SIL who worked in the ER to drive over to help. Yep, I'm a strong one! The picture is one where Alison and I were trying out her studio lights. Wow, do I have a lot to learn. But we're getting there!

I just finished the book The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian. Wow. Surprising. There were so many things that sort of bugged me about the premise of the book, like a connection between now and characters of the book The Great Gatsby which I thought was a stretch. But the way it turned out was really unexpected. I don't know if I loved it. But it was different and surprised me, which can be hard to do.

Another busy weekend planned. More later!

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