Sunday, September 09, 2007

She shoots, and she

SCORES! Jenna made her first goal, and her team's ONLY goal, at her soccer game yesterday morning. Safe to say, she was thrilled! I was so excited, I got a really crappy picture of the shot, mainly because I was crying. She will only have one "first goal," and it brought tears to my eyes. But the celebration continued throughout the rest of the game, so I got some of those shots. And so it begins. Mia Hamm, watch out!

Went to a fun engagement party last night. The picture is from the party. Yikes, do I really look like this? I swear I don't. I handed off my camera to the bride's niece to take the pics, and she did an amazing job. Except for this picture of me, of course. It's not her fault I look like this, I guess.

Have a wonderful week!

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