Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's been a while!

I've been holding on to the last days of summer. Had two teacher workdays on Wednesday and Thursday, and start with kids on Tuesday. I love my job, and the people I work with. I was glad to see everyone. And the reality is Jenna is ready to move on. She needs more structure and activity, and school will be perfect for that. I'm not gonna lie, I love my summers. But the excitement of fall, and starting another year . . . that's cool too!

Speaking of cool, I finally get to announce that I made the design team of Scrap Supply. I am so excited! The current team is AMAZING, and I can't wait to work with everyone. You can see the announcement here, and check out the picture Jenna took of me yesterday. She did pretty well, no? I had the camera on the tripod to start, but she rotated it and focused and shot. A budding photog, that one!

Speaking of the picture, does anyone else freak out when they see themselves in a picture? These are the things that went through my head. "What up with that haircut? Maybe Elaine was right, and I do have a "Jane Fonda" look, whatever the hell THAT means! And did I not read the memo that women of a certain age should stay out of the sun? The fact that the crows feet are white stripes from squinting while playing outdoors . . . NICE. And isn't my nose fatter at the end, a la Jimmy Durante? It sure looks like it to me!" Thankfully my roots had been colored, or I would have had a field day on the totally grey look I've got going on. You see, I don't color my hair to make it lighter, I color it DARKER to hide the grey, mainly because I don't want to be mistaken for Jenna's grandma. After I photoshopped the picture to death, I think it turned out like an Olan Mills glamour shot. Ridiculous. But if you have the technology, why not use it? WINK.

Other news . . . Jenna is back in spring soccer, and will start dance again next week. Emily has a really hard schedule this fall, but is looking forward to attending the football games. She may even visit us soon! I'm still in the process of redoing the living room/scrap area. The furniture came yesterday, and a whole posse helped me decide where everything should go. Today the job is to hang the frames. I will try and post pictures this weekend. It ROCKS. That's all I'm sayin! And have I finished prepping the hallway for paint by scrubbing the wallpaper residue? Well, no I have not. Maybe that's a Sunday job. (or maybe not.)

Peace out, and enjoy your Labor Day!

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Anonymous said...

Huge Congrats Kay!! so excited for you!!