Thursday, February 15, 2007

There goes the award . . .

for mother of the year. Jenna has been a HANDFUL. Seriously bad. And I'm not sure my handling of said badness qualifies me for "MOTY" award. For instance, she cut her hair. Yep. Hacked it off in the front. Claimed it was an "accident." Yeah. And if you know my aforementioned issues with hair, you know I went into total shriek mode. I said things like "now we have to get ALL OF YOUR HAIR CUT OFF!" while she was crying that she was going to look like a boy. Nice, Kay. And even as I was handling it poorly I couldn't seem to stop myself.

The other day we were playing with puzzles, and she said, "MO-OM (the famous two-syllable pronunciation, no less)you are getting on my nerves!" Nice. Thanks Jenna. Can you just see the teen years when she's starting this now? It should be a really good time.

Also knocking me off the MOTY award list is the fact that while I remembered the Valentine's for the preschool party on Tuesday, I totally forgot to send anything to the daycare yesterday. And yep, you guessed it, Jen was the only one without goodies to share. I'm such an idiot. And Em, if you're reading this, I know this is nothing new.

Speaking of Em, she was home for the weekend. That was fun, and meant the world to Miss J. I got a (not-so-subtle) reminder from Em that she would gladly accept offerings for V-Day. Again, slacker mom is late on the goodies for the oldest. I just suck at life right now.

So I'm off to contemplate the many ways I am letting my family down right now. Wish me luck!


Tonia Borrosch said...

Where have you been???

Don't get so down on yourself. We mothers get stuck with all the little details of running a family and there are MANY little details. Our brains can only hold so much! They will all forgive you-they love you! You are their mommy/mother!

So let's see some photos of little Miss J! That will be some good scrapping material! Oh MY!

I am feeling a little down myself today(as I binge on Valentine's truffles I told my dh not to get! Do you buy a recovering alcoholic beer for gosh sakes! LOL!) The weather doesn't help-too DAMN cold out there!

Trying to tame the wild boys after a hockey scrimmage-they are now watching a Sabres game. As long as they are in bed before Grey's starts I will be happy!

Sending hugs!

kim said...

Big hugs to you!! I've been there, my middle girl has cut her hair on more than one occasion!
Stay warm and indulge in a few of those truffles!!

Shaunte Wadley said...

Being a Mom is 75% guilt and 25% hard liquor....or caffeine if you are mormon like me. Heh, heh.

Most days it sucks. That is why we scrapbook about the good days. So when the kids need the therapy we have some proof of parental goodness.

Hang in there sister. The crocuses are going to start coming up, and things will get better. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Jami said...

Oh my Kay I am LMBO, I have been in your shoes with both of my girls. I can see both of you right now and I am sorry but I am also laughing. You will not be taken off the MOTY list just because Jenna wants to be a beautician when she grows up (haha). Remember how much Emily loves to do hair. Please don't cut her hair short like a boy, just take her in and have the hairdresser try to do the best they can to blend it all in. You are a great mother. This is just a test and a passing stage. {{{HUGS}}} Oh I hope you took a picture so years from now you can show her.

Lana said...

Listen to these ladies Kay. Don't beat yourself up. I'm glad you got a b-lated Vday card because you DESERVE it! hugs!