Monday, February 05, 2007

Did I mention?

I hate February. Exhibit B, the weather. It is so stinking cold, schools were closed across the state. The temps with the wind chills reached 25 degrees BELOW ZERO. But did my school district cancel school? Well no siree. I was not pleased. Because as my students know, I love days off more than anyone. There were some pipes that burst in the building so classes had to be moved around a bit, but my room was fine. Cold, but fine. Add to that a staff meeting that went until 5:15, and it was one long day.

The good news? I stopped by Marshall's after school and got Jenna a pair of Ugg boots. Emily will be so jealous! The layout I did yesterday pre-super bowl. Didn't care for many of the commercials, and the Bears lost. But spent a great evening with Bill's aunt and uncle, so it was all good. Off to curl up under a blanket (or four) and snuggle with my girl while reading the latest issue of Scrapbooks, Etc., my very favorite magazine. Have a great Monday! (or is that oxymoronic?)


Colleen said...

LOVE the layout!! I adore your wordk! I am no fan of winter either. No school for us today or tomorrow! ugh. As a teacher, I don't want to be out for snow days because that means we have to make them up. :(

RACHEL =) said...

Wow, Kay -- all of your layouts are just amazing! Really gorgeous!!!

Yes, it is cold here too :( Sorry you had to work, even with busted pipes and everything... no fun!!

Stay warm and have a good weekend!