Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy June

FINALLY it's June. It has been so cold in Michigan this spring, and the temperatures would lead one to believe it is April. There was FROST last week. And after the brutal winter, we need warmth. My problem is I don't tell time by the calendar, I tell it by the weather. So this perpetual state of April is doing quite the number on my head. But the calendar says June. And June means that school will be out soon. NO. I am not out of school yet, like the rest of the world. We have two more weeks. Good times.

Busy weekend, as usual. Yesterday was coffee at mom's, a soccer game, laundry and housework, then out to eat with friends. Today was coffee at mom's again since Em came home for the day, grocery shopping, making a salad (which was delicious) for a steak dinner at one of Bill's shooting clubs, off to a graduation party, then to the steak fry. Absolutely no down time. This is becoming a habit.

Jenna scored TWO goals at her soccer game. I am so impressed with her coaches and this team and how much they have all learned while having fun. She was so excited to score, and hasn't had many opportunities because she's been playing defense in every other game. She was so thrilled, and Bill and I were so proud.

I'm off to celebrate the anniversary at Scrap Supply. There are some cool things going on today, including Bingo with Ali Edwards. Check it out if you get a chance!

Oh, and I had a page picked up for the November/December issue of Memory Makers magazine. I rarely get a chance to submit, so it's a good thing when something gets picked up. Now I need to fill out all of the paperwork to send it off.

Have a great week.

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